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By Center For Otolaryngology & Facial Plastic Surgery
March 27, 2015
Category: Otolaryngology
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This time of year, the cold weather and dry air can lead many of us to develop sore throats, itchy eyes, and stuffed noses that are indicative of a sinus infection. After all, many components of wintertime weather are highly conducive to illness, and can cause sinus issues that leave us high and dry for relief until our bodies finally fight it off.

At the Center For Otolaryngology & Facial Plastic Surgery, you'll find that even the most persistent wintertime sinus problems can experience full relief like the kind you've been fighting for - and fast! That's because trusted ear, nose, and throat doctors on site can help put together the perfect treatment plan for your needs, rendering the days of discomfort filling your face a thing of the past!

Some of the key indicators that mean you're due for a visit to an ENT doctor include:

  • Runny nose
  • Stuffed-up nasal cavity ("the sniffles")
  • Ear aches
  • Sore/itchy throat
  • Itchy eyes
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue

Once you've made the decision to visit an ENT doctor for full relief, you'll likely be amazed at how his/her specialized skill set so perfectly pertains to your head-cold needs. You'll receive an evaluation to discern what your specific problem is and a treatment plan will then be put in place for you to get out of the feel-bad funk your head is in as quickly as possible.

If you're tired of having to "wait out" head colds this time of year, then give the Center For Otolaryngology & Facial Plastic Surgery a call today at (219) 961-3799 for fast and convenient sinus relief right here in Highland, IN.


2203 45th Street, Suite B
Highland, IN 46322