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May 02, 2016
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Hearing loss, while it most often occurs in those over 65, can be a scary and frustrating process at any age. However, thanks to medical hearing lossdevices like hearing aids and cochlear implants, you do not have to live with this treatable condition. Learn more about hearing loss with help from your Schererville, IN ear, nose and throat doctor.

How does hearing loss occur? 
The ear has three main parts: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The outer ear picks up outside sounds and causes the eardrum in the middle ear to vibrate. The vibration affects the tiny bones inside the ear, which help to move the sound through to the inner ear. Finally, the vibrations reach the cochlea, which passes along the sound to the hearing nerve and, finally, your brain.

The ear is incredibly complex, and hearing loss occurs for various reasons. They include:

  • prolonged exposure to loud noises (machinery, etc.)
  • fluid in the ear
  • getting older (the chance of hearing loss increases with age)
  • infections which cause damage to hearing such as meningitis
  • injury to the ear or head
  • listening to loud music through headphones or earbuds

How is hearing loss diagnosed? 
If you feel you are suffering from hearing loss, your Schererville doctor may require a hearing test. This allows he or she to understand the severity of your hearing loss and helps in determining a treatment plan. Coupled with a physical exam of your ear and, in some cases, other types of tests, your doctor can determine the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and its severity.

How is hearing loss treated? 
If necessary, your doctor removes any wax buildup, which can cause hearing loss, in your ear. If your hearing loss comes from injury, surgery may be required to repair the broken parts of the ear. When the inner ear is damaged, hearing aides may benefit you most. In the most severe cases of hearing loss, cochlear implant bypasses the broken parts of your ear to send sound signals to your brain.

For more information on hearing loss, please contact your doctor at the Center For Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery in Schererville, IN. Call (219) 865-4368 to schedule your appointment for a hearing test today!


2203 45th Street, Suite B
Highland, IN 46322